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INTRODUCTION TO THE TARA APPROACH: Sustainable Health for a Climate Changing World

  • California Institute of Integral Studies 1453 Mission Street San Francisco, CA, 94103 United States (map)

The TARA Approach has been an innovative leader in holistic designs to restore balance to the human nervous system after overwhelming trauma since it was founded in 1994. Clinically tested and effective for all ages and all demographics, the TARA Approach is a fusion of Eastern and Western medicines; it synchronizes ancient and contemporary healthcare wisdom. It incorporates applied touch with assessment and dialogue skills organized to maximize human potential and restore equanimity.

 In this professional training you will learn how to:

 1.       Differentiate sympathetic from parasympathetic nervous system dominances;

2.       Practice skills shaped to bring these dominances into equilibrium;

3.       Strengthen immune function by recalibrating adrenal responses that have been habituated by past trauma;

4.       Learn and experience how to decrease allostatic load quickly;

5.       Identify and awaken essential resources to deactivate traumatic repetition;

6.       Open new neurological pathways for self-regulation;

7.       Cultivate a self-care practice and learn how to transmit it to others;

8.       Experience how trauma is healed in community; and

9.       Become a sustainable health leader;

 Health is the thread that weaves through every consequence of the climate change that is rapidly accelerating globally. To meet this challenge TARA Approach Founder Dr. Stephanie Mines has adapted her paradigm to meet the healthcare needs of vulnerable populations and also to develop sustainable health leadership. As the convener and vision-holder of Climate Change & Consciousness ( Dr. Mines is intent on forming a cultural library of sustainable health resources for communities. Dr. Mines is the author of five books on the treatment of different aspects of trauma and shock. Her research and experience inform her understanding of grassroots empowerment from a healthcare perspective.

 This professional training is experiential, inspirational, community oriented and highly personalized. Dr. Mines meets her students where they are and imparts her faith and passion in human resilience through the resolution of past traumas as a path from I to We.