"The TARA Approach is to me the missing link between the physical, the psychological and the spiritual dimensions of the body. The tools work as effectively on me as they do on my clients." ~Runa Helmersen, Psychomotor Therapist and TARA Approach Self-Care Teacher, Norway

“When I use the TARA Approach with babies, they become more present,calm and aware of their surroundings. I am in awe of this simple gesture that has such a profound effect.” ~ Kathi Myers, RN

"The  ideas  of  the  TARA  Approach  are  accessible.  The  biochemistry  is relevant, authoritative, up-to-date, and presented as a fascinating account of nature’s handiwork. The techniques are easily applied and are effective.As one who has worked in the field of energy medicine for over 25 years, this is my most important assurance to you.” ~ Donna Eden, Author of Energy Medicine

“Stephanie  Mines  draws  from an  extensive  knowledge  base  of  energy medicine  and  energy  psychology.  In  particular,  she  focuses  on  giving people simple and effective tools that they can use preventatively in a multitude of potentially traumatic situations including, but not limited to, invasive medical procedures, automobile accidents, assaults, rapes, and the stresses of birth.” ~ Peter Levine, Ph.D., Author of Waking the Tiger