The TARA Approach is available to educators in all fields - parents, social workers, healthcare providers of all kinds, substance abuse counselors, crisis workers, ministers, and anyone committed to healing. You can also combine the TARA Approach with other modalities such as massage, cranial sacral therapy and physical therapy, psychotherapy, nursing, other energy medicine treatments and allopathic medicine. Certification is offered at all levels of training, but is not necessary. You may opt to take courses and not seek certification.

Courses are offered at various locations in the U.S. and abroad throughout the year, and we provide Distance Learning that allows you to study in the privacy of your own home. Take a look at our Events page to learn about upcoming classes and our Distance Learning page to register for a Distance Learning Unit.


FOUNDATIONS:  Completion of two iterations of the Foundations Series (Self-Care, Module One and Module Two) and Practicum requirements under the supervision of Dr. Mines.

ADVANCED:  Completion of two iterations of the Foundations Series (Self-Care, Module One and Module Two) and Practicum requirements under the supervision of Dr. Mines as well as three Advanced courses which present different aspects of the Advanced training material.

SELF-CARE TEACHER:  Completion of self-care certification process.

MODULE ONE AND MODULE TWO TEACHER:  Completion of Self-Care Teacher Certification followed by the Foundations (Module One and Module Two) Teacher Certification process.


The TARA Approach Foundations Training covers the below three segments of the fundamental learning components of the TARA Approach:

1.   SELF CARE:  This is the introductory step that focuses on guiding students through the Sacred Sites of the Body. This miraculous map, simple and yet thoroughly transformative, provides the basis of all future learning in the TARA Approach energy medicine system of Jin Shin TARA. In addition, students learn the essential power of self-care using both applied touch and self-awareness.

2.  MODULE ONE:  Module One focuses on the art of reading pulse. This is called “listening to the secrets.” It guides us into the deepest listening possible. Through this ancient practice, along with reading the body and asking stimulating questions, practitioners see the whole person. This allows us to treat developmental and symptomatic conditions and to unravel the layers of stress that have been placed on the nervous system by life’s compressive experiences.

3.  MODULE TWO:  Pulse listening has many facets. In Module Two we learn and practice hearing the textures of pulses to determine original imprinting. These textures inform us about prenatal life and the Extraordinary Meridians. The decoding of the pulse textures alongside the Rediscovery Journey (tm), a guided visualization to reclaim early memory, restores the primal biography for each individual.

The Foundations Training is the first step in TARA Approach Certification. Students receive the training manuals, charts, and handouts that will support their lifelong learning. Each day includes evocative and personalized didactic teaching, demonstration treatments, and hands-on practice. Students learn not only the resilient and self-care based energy medicine practices. They also learn how to differentiate specific nervous system dominances and to speak accordingly. We are remaking healthcare and in the five-day program there is a spirit of quiet revolution and the rediscovery of what it means to be human and in a body.

*To receive the Foundations Certification students must complete two repetitions of the Self Care training, the Module One training, the Module Two training, and Practicum under the supervision of Dr. Mines. Applicants must be evaluated in a practice setting by TARA Approach founder Stephanie Mines to demonstrate their proficiency in the four key areas of Pulse Listening, Assessment, Attunement and Dialogue.  After completing two iterations of the Foundations courses students then complete the Practicum process under the direction of Dr. Mines. Students who have not passed the Practicum are not considered to be certified in the TARA Approach or in Jin Shin TARA. Any certificates issued prior to the establishment of the Practicum evaluation are no longer valid. Students may take the Practicum at any time by arranging for it directly with Dr. Mines.  The Foundations Certificate is the first step for all other certifications. The Foundations Certificate must be renewed on a yearly basis through active participation in the TARA curriculum.


To receive Advanced Certification it is required that students complete two iterations of the Foundations Series (Self-Care, Module One and Module Two) and Practicum requirements under the supervision of Dr. Mines as well as three Advanced courses which present different aspects of the Advanced training material.




Students who have received the Foundations Certification and have taken a minimum of one Advanced Training are eligible to apply to take the Self Care Teacher Certification Training. Application is done through submitting a request directly to Dr. Mines.  Applicants must also assist in teaching at least one training under the direction and supervision of a Certified TARA Approach Teacher. Documentation of teaching is provided through feedback forms from students and summary reviews by the candidate and the supervising teacher. Applicants write an annotated bibliography from a list of selected books.  They must also engage in a minimum of three mentorship sessions with Dr. Mines.  Documentation of reading will be provided through written reviews of each book. All Self-Care Teacher Certification candidates must successfully complete the practice evaluation under the supervision of Dr. Mines. They must also be involved in the process of completing the certification process to teach Module One and Module Two. To learn more about the Self Care Teacher Certification process and practicum, you are invited to read more here.


Students wishing to be certified to teach Module One and Two must have a Foundations certificate and an Advanced Certificate. They must also have completed the Self-Care Teacher Certification training.

All certificates are renewed annually. Practitioners renew through current and active participation in TARA programs. Teacher Certification renewal also includes renewal fees.