They Were Families:

How War Comes Home

“In this era of the Global War On Terror, where America has been at war for well over a decade, military families, who comprise such a small percentage of the American population, bear the brunt of war and its unique hardships of deployment, separation, reintegration, and trauma. Through extensive research, professional expertise, and a compassionate approach, Dr. Mines offers military families a guide to help them navigate the unique hardships of war and its aftermath, with a particular emphasis on children. But this guide is not just for military families but for all of us, as it serves to broaden our understanding of and our empathy for military affiliated members of our community family.”


Amalie Flynn

Author of Wife and War: the Memoir



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Tools For Awakening Resources And Awareness




Dr. Mines’ book applying the TARA Approach for autism,

sensory integration, and neurodiversity.


“This is a wonderful book with a fresh take on the symptoms and treatment of sensory disorders. Dr. Mines’ TARA Approach to treatment has an insightful blend of body-based therapy, child-directed sensibility and intuitive sensitivity. Parents and therapists alike will especially find the self-regulation

techniques helpful in day-to-day practices.”

Teresa Garland, MOT, OTR


TARA Approach programs awaken your creative spirit. They are not only about therapy and the nervous system. They are also about how each one of you is an artist, waiting to articulate the beauty of your life’s journey. No matter what your circumstances, you deserve the ecstasy of knowing that your life is purposeful and has a majestic design. Find that design and speak it, dance it, paint it! 



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