"Nothing is more effective than self-care. It is both the beginning and the end of all learning about energy medicine healing. Self-care is life-saving and life-transforming. It is also pain-relieving and comforting. It relaxes the primitive brain, allowing higher intelligence to engage naturally." - Stephanie Mines

The following is a list of certified TARA teachers and practitioners.  Each is a gifted, compassionate and skilled embodiment of the power of the TARA Approach. Contact them directly and bring the blessing of the TARA Approach to your community, organization or agency.

The practitioners listed here have studied at various levels. The training level they have completed is indicated. These entries will be revised as practitioners continue to complete higher levels of study. The TARA Approach encourages each potential recipient to discuss with his/her practitioner the interventions to be applied. Interviewing your prospective practitioner is highly recommended. The decision to apply the TARA Approach, and the manner of its application, is a decision made exclusively by the practitioner based on his/her best professional judgment after consultation with the client. The TARA Approach and the Dom Project are not responsible for the decisions made or actions taken by the practitioner.