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We have created the first TARA Foundations Webinar Series. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for! Learn how to use the remarkable TARA Approach for the Resolution of Shock and Trauma from your own home in our first Foundations Webinar. This series is primarily aimed at those who have already completed one Foundations iteration and would like to move to the second but cannot afford travel expenses. To receive credit towards certification you must attend all three segments.
The dates are: Saturday, June 1st , Saturday, June 8th and Saturday June 15th from 12pm-3pm PST. 
Segment One: Self-Care: Using the TARA Approach to maintain and sustain health on a daily basis;

Segment Two: Module One: The basic principles of the TARA Approach including assessment and appropriate engagement;

Segment Three: Module Two: The underpinnings of health ~ embryogenesis and the nervous system; accessing cellular memory and repatterning early shock.

Each segment has its own text and handouts. All materials are sent electronically at no additional charge.

This course demonstrates how, using the gentlest energy medicine, we can convince the human nervous system to unify and strengthen itself. Dr. Mines has fused Eastern and Western medicines for current needs, including those that are accelerating due to climate change. We learn to listen to the body, to read it, and to follow its directive. It is as simple as that…and as miraculous. Our hands are our ears; our voices are our hearts; and intuitive spontaneity is our intelligence. Who ever thought that healing trauma could be pure joy?
For additional information contact Dr. Mines directly at

Total Tuition is $700 or $250 for each segment if you do not attend all three