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Your guidance is in your body.

The Sacred Sites Oracle points you straight to it. From August 15 to September 30, Dr. Mines is conducting a fundraiser to support her guidance in expanding Climate Change & Consciousness, her vision for a grassroots uprising of unprecedented leadership.

Join Dr. Mines in connecting with your guidance and supporting her vision for the earth.

By purchasing the Sacred Sites Oracle Kit and making a donation of $100 or more, you will receive a private session with Dr. Mines that uses your cards to answer the question of your purpose and direction at this time of the Great Turning. The Oracle gives you specific, vital orientation and direction; it also provides ongoing self-care to sustain your vitality as you inhabit your unique purpose. If you already own the Sacred Sites Oracle Kit, donate here and contact Dr. Mines at to schedule your private session. Traditionally, one hour with Dr. Mines is valued at $250.

As the originator of the Sacred Sites Oracle, Stephanie Mines offers evocative insight into the sites/cards you select. Her engagement reflects over thirty years of immersion in the use of this medicine. 

This guidance is unlike anything else you have ever experienced.

Your session includes:

  • Direction from Dr. Mines in selecting your cards for this powerful time;

  • A specific, personalized self-care structure as detailed by the workbook included in your Sacred Sites Oracle Kit;

  • Decoding the treatment protocol and unique path that is revealed from your choices with Dr. Mines;

  • Insight, action directives, and wise council; and

  • A repeatable treatment that will generate lasting results.

This is a time of upheaval when destiny looms like a great question mark. Stephanie Mines innovated the Sacred Sites Oracle Kit as a route to somatic guidance. View her TED Talk on the Neurophysiology of Guidance  to learn more about this paradigm.
When you find your clarity and direction you fulfill yourself, Gaia, and humanity. This is the function of the Sacred Sites Oracle Kit, a completely unique route to personal unfolding.