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The Rivers of Splendor are the Extraordinary Vessels that develop in utero and encode essential purpose into the cells of the body. They are the DNA of the human spirit and the download of the soul. Health constellates around these formative designs. The TARA Approach to hands-on subtle treatment is the only system that touches these pathways. TARA’s pulse listening decodes messages from these bioelectrical circuits. Gentle touch responds to the information that is retrieved. In this way the Rivers of Splendor are regenerated so that each individual can flow towards their home-self in body, mind and spirit. Advanced TARA Approach students (those who have completed a Foundations course) are eligible to explore the nature of these Rivers in an intensive small group setting outside of Oslo, Norway. Hosted by Certified TARA Approach Self-Care Teacher Runa Helmersen this course aims to correlate the Rivers of Splendor with The Depths. The Depths translate as embryogenesis or embryological unfolding. Students will be engaged in largely experiential learning dynamics that focuses on individual embodiment. Students will gain a profound awareness of the preciousness of human life and individual purpose along with specific tools to empower others to live vitally and courageously as their essential selves.

For information on the course location and how to get there along with guidelines for lodging please contact Runa Helmersen

Class size is limited to please register as soon as possible to assure your place.

Taught by TARA Approach Founder Dr. Stephanie Mines.

$600 ~ Tuition includes texts and handouts but does not include lodging or travel.