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The TARA Approach Returns to Oklahoma

Energetic Wellness, a Naturopathic Clinic in Edmond, Oklahoma has invited TARA Founder Stephanie Mines back to Oklahoma to provide community education, staff training and to offer the TARA Approach once again to the Oklahoma community.

Free community talks on Friday, July 14 (1-4 PM) and Saturday, July 15 (10 AM – 1 PM) will focus on NEURORESILIENCE THROUGHOUT LIFE. Dr. Mines will explain how everyone can enhance their overall health, creativity and brain resilience no matter their age, and throughout the challenges of life, using the TARA Approach (Tools for Awakening Resources and Awareness). To register for the free community talks, contact Energetic Wellness.

ADDRESS: 2851 W. Edmond Rd.

                   Edmond, OK 73012

PHONE: 405.359.1245



Dr. Mines will also be available for individual appointments at Energetic Wellness. Contact her directly at as soon as possible. Many people have already reserved their time with Stephanie and only a few openings remain.

Dr. Mines will also be working for and with Veterans Families United in Oklahoma, an organization she helped to found and which provided the inspiration for They Were Families: How War Comes Home (CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE).  

Finally, Stephanie will finalize the long term interviews for her autism research that began in Oklahoma and that created her directive in writing New Frontiers in Sensory Integration (CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE).

If you live in the Oklahoma City area please join Stephanie in honoring the many threads of inspiration that are woven together for the TARA Approach during this period of July 14-22, 2017 in Edmond, Oklahoma.