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The Dora Hagerman Memorial Pediatrics Training

Application to the first Dora Hagerman Pediatrics training program is open now to students who have completed one iteration of TARA’s Foundations course!

 The components of the program include:
-Part One; Attuning to the Whole Child: From Conception Through Adolescence
-Part Two: Sensory Integration: Assessment and Strengthening Sensory Filters
 -Part Three: Confidence: Establishing and Maintaining a Foundation of Love
 -Part Four: Parenting in a Climate Changing World: Preparation and Leadership
The course will use a variety of learning formats including but not limited to:
 -Collaborative Group Meetings
 -Video Demonstrations and Debriefing
 -Supervision of Practice
 -Individual Mentorship
 -Reading and Discussion of Material
 -Written Assignments Shared in the Group
 -Building a Learning Community

 This will be a year-long program, conducted primarily if not entirely online since participants are in different locations around the world. If any in-person mentorship is possible, it will be arranged.

This program will launch at the beginning of March. A core group of participants has already formed. If you would like to join them please contact Stephanie Mines immediately at