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In these times when democracy is threatened, violations of human rights abound, vulnerable populations are attacked and it seems that ignorance has the upper hand, those of us who cannot turn away in denial must learn to be strong and to act from a secure sense of profound inner knowing. We each have a role to play but identifying that role and then nourishing it so that action is rooted in connection with ourselves and the natural world is essential.

How do we manifest this clarity and take grounded action?

This webinar teaches you how to utilize the Five Elements of Nature as your mentors on the path to grounded humanitarian action. Through hands-on applications, meditations, visualizations and interaction with the natural world you will build an inner architecture of alignment and decisiveness.

The Five Elements of Nature within us and around us are each part of the web of life that holds us up as we reach out to humanity and to the world.

In this webinar we will:

  1. Learn the formula for our individual elemental configuration;
  2. Create relationships with all five elements and learn how to mobilize them for empowerment;
  3. Ignite a personal meditation to assemble the elements within for action;
  4. Develop the ability to listen to the instructions and recognize the signals coming to us from the natural world;
  5. Seal our clarity so that we are secure and protected somatically and do not breach the limits of our capacity;
  6. Let nature teach us about the prevention of burnout; and
  7. Learn how to rest in the unquestionable knowing that we are not alone.

Survivors of trauma build compensatory mechanisms that make it difficult for them to face confrontation and threat. Sometimes we are very successful in these realms but pay a heavy price afterward with strong internal backlash that denies our power. Or we live with a continuously interfering saboteur within who downgrades our accomplishments.

Trauma interferes with our birthright of empowerment. This webinar includes this understanding and provides antidotes to this habituation so that it is ultimately silenced forever. Most importantly, the relationships that we build with the Five Elements and the natural world assure that we are always able to validate and verify our intentions so we move forward with grace, always able to regenerate from the hard work of forging a path where none existed before.

If you would like to attend but cannot due to to timing you can still register and we will send you the recording link.