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The TARA Approach returns to Taranaki with a Foundations course in New Plymouth. Join the TARA Whanau to empower yourself to be a practitioner and leader in sustainable and regenerative health. In this course you experience the art of uprooting causative conditions to uplift the greatest potential in human function. Learn to strengthen immune response, find nervous system equanimity, enhance the body’s ability to adjust to temperature changes, increase resilience and elasticity in movement, and optimize emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The TARA Approach reveals how the human nervous system resonates with Gaia’s through its emphasis on the Five Elements of Nature.

This course is the first step in becoming a TARA Approach Certified Practitioner. It empowers you to tap into cellular memory through assessment of bioelectrical pulse. Participants learn both language and hands-on skills that are immediately effective in relieving stress and awakening alignment. The TARA Approach allows you to manifest your purpose and stimulates the vitality to walk your path with confidence and enthusiasm.

This workshop is open to anyone interested in maximizing human potential and grassroots health at the individual, family and community level. This includes parents, physicians, nurses, social workers, healthcare providers, bodyworkers, massage therapists, therapists, psychologists, midwives and educators.

Local New Zealand contact: Peter Heard - or 027 431 3544

“The TARA Approach allows healing to unfold naturally through the elements. You obviously need to be present and connected to the process but through the elements healing follows its own path and its own pace because the natural process knows intrinsically how to unfold itself.” ~ Eleni Charalampous

Course tuition is entirely non-refundable but can be transferred to another similar program within one year.

Earlier Event: October 25
TARA Approach Foundations
Later Event: January 17
TARA Approach Foundations