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TARA Approach Foundations

  • Bellingham, Washington (map)

This course will demonstrate how we can, with our own hands, bring our nervous systems back home to our bodies. This means using the gentlest energy medicine as the seductive siren song that convinces the human nervous system that it no longer needs to remain fragmented. An ancient Japanese healing art called Jin Shin has the recipes for this restoration of nervous system function. Dr. Stephanie Mines has adapted these formulas for current conditions, and even for those that are accelerating now through the advance of climate change. The TARA Approach is a merciful system, named for the forces of compassion that reach out to humanity to show them the way. Jin Shin TARA shows the nervous system the way home after overwhelming and shattering disruption. We learn to listen to the body, to read it, and to follow its directive. It is as simple as that…and as miraculous. Our hands are our ears; our voices are our hearts; and intuitive spontaneity is our intelligence. Who ever thought that healing trauma could be pure joy?