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The Metallurgy of Grief

Our world becomes more unrecognizable by the hour. Species loss has already robbed us of 80% of our animal allies. The very soil from which our food comes is losing nutrients. Personal losses blend inextricably with environmental losses as we are inundated with grief. Like the huge ice melts in Greenland our world is literally slipping away from us. Is it even possible to find our footing if the ground beneath us is giving way?

 The TARA Approach posits a stunning vehicle of self-care and self-regulation that admits the magnitude of grief, integrates it and transmutes it. TARA’s founder Stephanie Mines feels that her entire life has taught her about the metallurgy of grief. Her studies with Mary Iino Burmeister introduced her to the possibility of living in a fluid state. The spectrum from stasis to fluidity is the journey out of habituation into infinite possibilities. Learning to calibrate and recalibrate levels of fluidity until the nervous system is fully expanded is TARA’s gift. It is intended to be a tool for those sensitive warriors who were prepared from birth to meet the existential crisis that is now our daily reality.

 This webinar is open to anyone who is committed to living fully in purpose with resolve and grace. The emphasis is on self-care but does include service to others. This will be a participatory and collaborative experience. Take-away skills, including charts and relevant hand-outs, are provided. A handbook is in process and those who register for this first iteration of the Metallurgy of Grief will receive it as soon as it is available.

 All tuitions benefit the continuity and expansion of Climate Change & Consciousness.

Tuition: $200USD

Earlier Event: September 14
Later Event: October 5
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