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The New Rediscovery For European Students

Tuition: $150 (includes charts and other handouts)

Details, including Zoom Link, provided upon registration.

By special request, another iteration of the New Rediscovery is now scheduled for October 10, 2019 from 10 AM – 12 PM Pacific.


This timing is designed to make it easier for European participants.

The Rediscovery Journey(tm) is an essential component of the TARA Approach. It is a unique perspective on human development that can be utilized to great benefit by practitioners at any level. It has been renovated by its innovator, Dr. Stephanie Mines, to bring trauma interventions into current relationship to our global climate emergency. Healthcare providers in all fields can no longer act as if our environmental and existential crisis is not part and parcel of our human dilemma on a daily basis. Shifting from denial, avoidance, despair and paralysis is possible when your essential self is ignited. That is the purpose of the Rediscovery Journey(tm).