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SUSTAINING HEALTH IN TIMES OF CHANGE - a Workshop with Sally Ibbotson

  • Gracelands Yard 102 Liddell Gardens London, England, NW10 United Kingdom (map)


In this workshop we will look at the impact of change, particularly unexpected change, on our health and will learn techniques which can help us to cope better.

We live in fast moving times and change even that which is for the better, can often adversely affect our immunity and resilience to disease.

Faced with climate change we can see that in those areas already effected, usual healthcare routes quickly become overwhelmed. We would do well to reconnect with natural and time-tested traditional ways to keep ourselves and our families/communities healthy.

The Workshop will focus on daily protocols for health

Mindfulness in Daily Life:

Mindfulness is now being brought into healthcare settings, schools and prisons as evidence mounts that it is an effective way to keep ourselves happier and so healthier.


Qigong is the origin of Tai Chi and is very easy to learn. Moving in time with the breath, we will learn short routines to assist breathing, mobility and general well-being.

Self-Healing Massage:

A fully clothed routine of acupressure that you can use to ‘kick start’ your day!

Raising Funds

The Workshop is by donation with a suggested fee of £15.

Profits will go to the Conference for Climate Change and Consciousness taking place in Scotland in 2019. The money raised will go to bringing youth and indigenous people to the conference so that those who will be most affected by climate change, have a voice.


The workshop is supported by Transition Willesden. The Transition movement aims to put in place local solutions to global issues such as climate change. Picking local fruit to stop it going to waste, and campaigning for cleaner air are some of the projects undertaken by this local organization.

To Book please email Sally at