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Advanced Essence And Empowerment - Scotland

ENDING SHAME AND ADDICTION: ENERGY MEDICINE FOR THE SOUL: TARA Approach students who have completed at least one iteration of Essence and Empowerment or the TARA Approach Foundations course are eligible to attend this class. Designed by previous TARA Approach students ENDING SHAME AND ADDICTIONS is a class for those ready to step into their essential empowerment by disinhibiting resistance, erasing guilt and shame, and manifesting the fluid bioelectricity that is the experience of optimum health and awareness. Students learn how to use the extraordinary energy medicine component of the TARA Approach (Jin Shin TARA) effectively to address chronic patterns of self-sabotage, avoidance, procrastination, holding back, resistance and disempowerment that are the basis of addiction. Each student will have the opportunity to create a personal constellation that represents their addictive patterns with the purpose of disinhibiting it completely. The physiology of addiction, including the patterns of sympathetic and parasympathetic dominances, will be examined with an eye to instilling a much more integrated nervous system balance. Through their own process of self-advancement each participant becomes a model for others personally and professionally.


Later Event: October 5
TEDX Findhorn Talk