The Power of The 8 Extraordinaries - Gaston, Oregon

  • Ananda Laurelwood Center Southwest Academy Way Gaston, OR, 97119 United States

A fusion of the best of TARA’s medicine bag. Experience authentic movement, playful constellations and the most essential energy medicine practices for navigating the world by flowing with the Rivers of Splendor.  This advanced course demystifies why the subtle energy medicine practices of the TARA Approach are the key to fulfilling your destiny. “In some ways, you can think of these vessels like the Holy Grail,” says acupuncturist Yvonne Farrell. They sustain the connection to your essential self in all regards. In particular this course correlates energetic embryogenesis (The Depths) with the Eight Extraordinaries. This correlation is a world debut as this has never been presented before anywhere.  

In this class students will:

*Learn exactly how the Rivers of Splendor or 8 Extraordinary Vessels function from a subtle energy medicine perspective that is distinct from acupuncture or acupressure; 

*Learn how to vitalize these networks of original energy and sustain their dynamic presence throughout life; 

*Embody these core networks of energy so that you know them from the inside; 

*Integrate the 8 Rivers of Splendor with Five Element Theory to reveal your elemental configuration;

*Find the language and the delivery system to guide others to awaken the 8 Extraordinaries within themselves; and

*Celebrate the gorgeous transmission of resilience that is our birthright. 

TUITION $750, does not include lodging at Ananda Laurelwood Center or travel.