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Online TARA Leadership 2017

In 2017 and beyond TARA leadership incorporates environmental activism. Sustainable healthcare and a sustainable environment go hand in hand. Why do we emphasize this now? Because the environment has signaled that it cannot wait any longer for us to wake up. In Bill McKibben’s words: “We are running out of time. But that doesn’t depress me. I am more excited now than I have ever been. Now we know what we need to do.”

If you want to be an arm of humanity’s resurgence from a multifaceted decline; if you want to stand up for hope, regeneration, resilience and survive environmental toxicity, become a TARA leader.

*Receive direct mentorship from Stephanie Mines, TARA Approach founder;

*Use the newly developed TARA LEADERSHIP workbook to seed your innate leadership skills;

*Differentiate what serves you from what you no longer need in dynamic, experiential and embodied learning;

*Unlock the reservoirs of the Eight Rivers of Splendor, the vessels of your essence;

*Claim your place as a leader in this era when renewable energy is the key to everything: and

*Resolve the personal roadblocks that no longer are needed on your highway to service.


How much: $685

What is included: The TARA Leadership Workbook, Two 90 Minute Private Mentoring Sessions Online via Skype

Pre-requisites: TARA Student at Any Level

How to register: Contact Dr. Mines at to schedule