TARA Foundations: The Rivers of Splendor

  • Star of the Sea Retreat Centre Mullaghmore Ireland

Dr. Mines is dedicating this Foundations program to the power of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians. New as well as returning students will be bathed in what makes the TARA Approach utterly unique. The treatment pathways we utilize are the very ones designed to resolve core issues. In fact, acupuncturist Yvonne Farrell calls them “The Holy Grail” of energy medicine. She says that the Eight Extraordinary Vessels “remind us of the uniqueness and perfection of original self and allow us to bring forth the light that is our purpose for being here. They put us back on track to pursue our destiny.” This energy medicine is your birthright. When you match it with the TARA dialogues that increase awareness, you receive what belongs to you ~ the healthy life you were born to live. 10-5 Daily; $800USD (repeating students ~ $750USD)

Returning Students:
New Students: