Energy Pulse Reading DLU


Energy Pulse Reading DLU


A comprehensive distant learning unit on pulse is now available for those who would like to enhance their training or for those who cannot travel to attend a training program. The Distant Learning Unit on Energy Pulse Reading qualifies as an Introductory/Self-Care training for those seeking certification. The Unit includes Dr. Mines' personal responses to the required exercises. Students will utilize the TARA Approach Self-Care and Energetic Pathways texts.

This Distant Learning Unit educates the student to read pulse on the Sacred Sites of the Body. In this way the Distant Learning Unit goes beyond the usual Introductory course and serves as a bridge between Self-Care and Module One training. It also includes a thorough explanation of the Five Element system that is fundamental to Jin Shin TARA. The beneficial effects of energy medicine on the nervous system are described clearly, making it easy for the student to see why the TARA Approach is the most direct route to recovery from overwhelming shock and trauma.

As always, the TARA Approach material is empowerment based, guiding you to be your own best healer and to be in the center of your transformative process. Perhaps the most exhilarating aspect of this Distant Learning Unit is that it allows you, in the privacy of your own home, to awaken the healer within you. With your own two hands you have all that you need to harmonize your nervous system and remind it that it was designed to serve you by integrating your life’s experiences.

The DLU on Energy Pulse Reading creates a structure for ongoing pulse reading practice, increases commitment to self-care, provides personal supervision from Dr. Mines and assures your progress in pulse listening. 


Energy Pulse Reading DVD

Energetic Pathways Manual

TARA Self-Care Manual

We Are All in Shock book

*These are not included in the price of the DLU and should be ordered separately from our online store.


* All tuition and fees are non-refundable but may be transferred to other courses taught by Dr. Mines within the same year. All payments for TARA Approach programs and services benefit the non-profit outreach of The TARA Approach and its sponsoring organization, The Dom Project. This includes education, research, pro-bono services, documentation and publications. Payment is requested by credit card.


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