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Climate Change & Consciousness Norway 2021

As climate change accelerates and the UN IPCC Report spells out our deadlines, we have an obligation to take every action possible to assure a habitable and thriving future for children, youth and the generations to come.

Everyone agrees that a key ingredient in our survival is the sharing of the great wealth that the North has accrued at the expense of the Global South. Norway is already leading the shift towards lower carbon emissions, and now at Climate Change & Consciousness 2021 Norway will lead in innovative actions to share wealth with the Global South.

The business world, the artistic world, science and spirituality join for four stunning days in May 2021 in Oslo to demonstrate the resilient intelligence that is human destiny. Watch this space or join our mailing list to stay up to date with the evolution of this incredible gathering!

Contribute your resources and skills to this great awakening of commitment and action. Contact the leadership team now:


Stephanie Mines


Øyvind Hagen

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